Case: Press release distribution of Biocad biotechnology company in Europe
Biocad, leading Russian biotech company
Distribute press release announcing Biocad's entry into European market to generate buzz around new market expansion
  • Created press release conveying Biocad's European market entry
  • Goal was to build buzz and awareness of expansion into new market
  • Successfully secured over 10 media placements from single release
  • Generated significant interest in development through effective distribution
  • Placements spanned media outlets in both Europe and United States
  • Achieved goal of creating excitement and coverage of Biocad's European launch
  • Campaign provided strong results in disseminating announcement to key markets
  • Demonstrates success in executing high-impact PR for major company news
Project Details
The Biocad European market entry press release distribution delivered impactful results, securing over 10 strong placements from just a single release. The high pickup and coverage of the announcement demonstrated effective PR execution that created buzz around Biocad's expansion. Overall, the campaign aligned well with goals to build awareness and interest in the major company development.
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