Case: Overseas promotion of the ARCHPOINT architectural burea
ARCHPOINT, Russian architectural bureau
Promote and enhance global image of ARCHPOINT's designs and establish as progressive and professional on par with leading architects
  • Goals focused on building progressive and professional brand image worldwide
  • Promoted various designs including apartment, restaurant, public space, spa
  • Rapid 3 month PR campaign to increase global visibility
  • Secured over 80 international media placements
  • Successfully conveyed ARCHPOINT as progressive architects on par with global leaders
  • Expanded reach across multiple regions including Asia, Latin America, Europe
  • Provided compelling narratives that aligned with goals of boosting perception
  • Tangibly enhanced ARCHPOINT's reputation for innovative, high-quality designs
Project Details
The ARCHPOINT global PR campaign delivered impressive results, securing over 80 international publications in just 3 months. The high volume of placements demonstrates effective PR that rapidly boosted ARCHPOINT's visibility and reputation for progressive, professional designs on par with leading global architects. Overall, the campaign achieved strong alignment with goals to enhance worldwide image and perception.
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