Case: PR promotion of Moscow City University in Asian media
Moscow City University is Russia's leading teacher-training institution that attracts talented students from different ethnic backgrounds
Promote and enhance image of university in Asia media through provision of humanities research and scientific content
  • Goals focused on creating an attractive image of Moscow City University in Asia
  • Efforts involved disseminating academic research and content showcasing humanities scholarship
  • Short-term 2 month PR push to increase visibility in target Asian markets
  • Secured over 40 foreign media placements highlighting university thought leadership
  • Successfully conveyed Moscow City University as a source of high-quality research and insights
  • Expanded university reach and reinforced expertise in humanities fields among Asian outlets
  • Provided content that aligned with goals of boosting global image and perception of uniersity
Project Details
The Moscow City University Asia PR campaign exceeded expectations, securing over 40 publications in just 2 months. This high volume of placements in a short timeframe demonstrated effective PR, rapidly enhancing global image through dissemination of quality humanities research. Overall, the campaign achieved strong results aligned with goals of expanding international reach and reinforcing the university's reputation in humanities.
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